iOS: 64-bit universal builds now available

The “universal” FlashyWrappers iOS builds containing both armv7 and arm64  are available as of now. The ANE was successfully compiled with AIR 16 and tested on iOS using exampleBasic and exampleCamera. In both the free & full package, the new ANE is called “FWEncoderANE_64.ane”.

As you surely know, Apple will only accept apps built in this way, which means you’ll need to use AIR 16. And AIR 16 can only work with universally built ANE’s.

For the current customers, this ANE is also available for download separately (without the watermark of course :). There are also some code changes in general from the previous version, so make sure to test your app before submitting new versions to Appstore.

All the current customers will be e-mailed until end of this week with the 64-bit universal ANE download link. If you need the file really fast, just use the contact form to ask for it.

In other news, openh264 is working just fine, just need to get everything together for the new release. OGVPlayer still needs some work, so I’m looking at whenever to release early without OGVPlayer or later with OGVPlayer included. In general OGVPlayer and the Android acceleration are the tasks needing most of the time at the moment.


New year, new codec

Today and yesterday, FlashyWrappers were successfully compiled and tested with the OpenH264 codec on AIR Windows and Flash Player platforms. Compiling for Flash Player was especially questionable (as the codec obviously wasn’t built for such “weird” platform like Alchemy 2 aka Crossbridge), but luckily by modifying the makefiles slightly  everything is working just fine.

The result is FlashyWrappers will newly support H.264 codec and output MP4 files in the next release for AIR Windows, Mac (to be tested yet but assumed to work) and Flash Player. Theora / Vorbis (OGV) builds will still be supplied.

NOTE (again): By using OpenH264 especially in this first release where it is embedded in both the Flash Player library and the AIR library you, as the H.264 encoder distributor to the end user will not be protected from potentially paying royalties to MPEG LA. We’ll offer (optional) mechanism for the AIR binaries to be automatically downloaded from CISCO to avoid this alltogether (in that case CISCO pays any royalties as the dll’s will be downloaded ie. distributed from their URL’s), but there’s no option like that for the Flash Player version. What this means for you is making sure to understand MPEG LA license terms. You might have to become a licensee. Royalties for 0 – 100,000 units / year seem to be zero though ( In case of Flash Player, it would probably mean 100K downloads / year of FlashyWrappers, so you might want to delay downloading the actual FW SWF until your app is just about to use the encoder.