Please vote on Adobe bug to fix FlashyWrappers for FP

I’ve been communicating both on Crossbridge forums and with my Adobe contact, who was nice enough to speak with the Adobe internal team about the issue crippling multithreading in FW. I sent him link to FW online demo so the team has something to test this issue against. While they said to check the issue no clear date or timeline was given yet. This bug was a deliberate change to tighten security, but as a side effect it broke all C++ -> Flash crosscompiled apps using multithreading, like FlashyWrappers for Flash Player.

Everyone who can spare 5 minutes please sign up at Adobe(as Flash / AIR developer you probably are signed up already) and vote for this bug:


New issue in latest Flash Player affecting FlashyWrappers

In recent days and weeks there have been strange issues randomly reported regarding FlashyWrappers. Even for people with working FlashyWrappers, they started to report recording not working after few frames. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a problem in Flash Player 16+ breaking the technology being used to build FlashyWrappers. This technology was abandoned by Adobe almost right after it was released. It is being maintained by the community now and workarounds are being created.

The issue shows up only when using FlashyWrappers in multithreaded mode in Flash Player, because that’s where the issue originates.  All native builds for AIR are using native threading and therefore shouldn’t be affected.

See this thread for details & progress:

The issue seems solvable even there might be some speed tradeoffs. It might still take some time to come up with the final solution and then also to rebuild FlashyWrappers for Flash Player with patched Crossbridge.