FW 2.4 update 2

It didn’t take too long and there’s more news!

First of all, there were more fixes done on FW 2.4 Android. There was one nasty issue which prevented addAudioFrame from working. That has been corrected, and FW is now able to record audio in both realtime and non-realtime mode (at least on our devices). Non-realtime mode is useful for anything like composing video + audio together as “final step”, and realtime is well, realtime. It just records whatever audio is currently being sent to FW (typical use case is recording a gameplay video). Realtime mode uses system time for timestamps of each audio frame.

With that in mind, we’ve ported FWSoundMixer to Android. As a result, you’ll be able to record dynamic audio your app is generating together with the video, just like on iOS. This was tested on the Hungry Hero sample game, and I wish I could share a video of that recording but sadly after upload to YouTube some strange lags have appeared in the audio(they are not showing up in the original video). It might have to do something with pts and the way YouTube interprets them, in any case we’ll take a bit more look at that to make sure there’s a “corrected” video available for the final 2.4 release.

This was the last feature needed for the 2.4 release. Feature-wise, Android is now almost identical to iOS. There will be still work going on with everything else(the website will go through some changes as well) and lots to be done in terms of stability, but thats the upcoming chapter. For now, this alpha is good enough for us to not delay the final FW 2.4 SDK release any longer.


FW 2.4 update

Progress report on the 2.4 final release:

In the new Android, addSoundtrack was finally implemented – this involved some extra threading and reworking the audio code in general. In any case you’ll be able to finally add background soundtracks to your “non-realtime” videos. Working on retesting addAudioFrame currently.

Saving to gallery was also implemented for Android, mirroring & improving  FW’s current save to camera roll functionality on iOS. You’ll be able to name the gallery album when saving your video and also the filename like this:

myEncoder.saveToGallery(“My cool app”, “video_” + dateAndTime + “.mp4”);

This method is multiplatform in 2.4 final and on iOS, it replaces iOS_saveToCameraRoll. On iOS, this updated method will also create a custom album if all works well.

Finally, the last bit of iOS news: a nasty issue was fixed when trying to record in high resolution(thanks Jake!). This issue was triggering on some devices while on other devices the recording was working prefectly fine. If you had any issues with highres recording from AIR, FW 2.4 final release should fix your issues.