This is a short update on FlashyWrappers. Everything is well, I’ve been just busy with fixing an old Android bug that has been with FW for a long time. I was never able to figure it out, because I’ve never been able to reproduce it on my devices.

Until now, on my new Lenovo phone. The bug causes the whole screen image (both in video and in app) to be horribly distorted. I think I’m reasonably close to fixing this (after spending hours and hours on that yesterday as well), and that will get me unstuck on other stuff!

Earlier, I’ve refactored FW for iOS completely, making it ready for the Unity port which is in the plans for all platforms.

Also be aware that the current zip package contains some bugs which were fixed in the meantime – more specifically FW for Windows contains a bug which causes random crashes during recording with audio(most visible on Windows 7 for some reason). If you plan to use FW 2.55 for Windows in a production environment, please get in touch and I’ll send you an updated ANE with bugfix.

Thanks for your patience!

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