Happy New Year 2016!

All the best with your projects for the next year to everyone, especially all of our  FlashyWrappers customers!

Thanks to your support FlashyWrappers is alive and well, and will continue so through to the next year. Apologies if the work has been a bit slower these last two weeks – the Christmas period had its impact.

Rest assured there’s already a changelog for FW 2.5 existing, with 19 pre-written changes / fixes / new features which should make it in the next release. Also keep in mind we do listen to your feedback and sometimes the new features we’re adding come from merely you asking questions. For example, there has been a question / request if the FWSoundMixer implements only some of the SoundMixer / Sound methods – and it really doesn’t implement almost anything. Seeing how difficult it is with enabling native audio recording we’re thinking that it would be actually a good focus to instead finish FWSoundMixer properly by adding some more important methods to control the volume for example. Native audio recording is still on our list but seeing its not what most of our customers need (usually microphone or soundmixer are enough), it’s not as high priority as it used to be.  So here you can see just one example of how even your questions can affect our thinking / focus.

Granted, sometimes we need to push your requests or questions for later as there might be higher priority work to be done – its nothing personal though, many times its simply because more people request something else, or something more serious is needed for the product in the big picture – or simply, it doesn’t align with the general direction and goals we see as a good trend for our SDK.

The next release is targeted at sometime in January, and will be focused on further tightening the reliability, ease of use and getting rid some of the known frustrations. Also we’ll be on the lookout to improve Android support all the time.  The Mac / iOS is about to get internal API overhaul too, similar to what Android got this / last month (you won’t see much of that externally though).

Overall, we’ll try to bring much more polished experience and make the SDK the best possible video encoding SDK for AIR / Flash possible. Hopefully, by the end of next year there will be nothing major to add or change and we can just expand on extra features such as integrated video replays and seamless support for the new video API’s.

See you in 2016!


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