FW 2.5 released – 64bit Mac, API docs & rectangles

Hi everyone, new version of FlashyWrappers SDK is out. Apart from more fixes, the most notable new feature of this version allows you to capture rectangular video areas on iOS and Android. It also adds 64-bit support to OS X and first iteration of the on-line API docs.

64-bit OS X support

The 2.5 release also includes the 64-bit ANE build for Macs. It still includes 32-bit ANE build but this will most likely be discontinued unless there is a need to fallback to older AIR versions because of some issues in AIR 20.

Rectangular capture

This feature works in two modes and each method has its advantages and drawbacks.

1) Calculate

This method assumes your stage scale mode is set to NO_SCALE, and your stage alignment is TOP_LEFT. That is the biggest drawback of this method – however if you meet these criteria(should be true for all Starling and similar apps), this method should capture the exact area you specify.

2) Visual

This method doesn’t mind which stage scale or alignment mode is set. It places visual markers (2×2 mini rectangle), of the color you choose (it must be unique for at least couple of frames – up to 10 to be safe), at 2 corners of the capture area. This allows FW to measure the actual OpenGL coordinates despite all of the scaling / shifting of stage AIR might be doing, depending on the device, your stage size and so on.

Apart from plotting the markers for a short time, other drawbacks currently include the possibility of the markers deforming after AIR scales itself and the masurement not going exact – so you should always keep offsets around the capture area when using this method.

Note that there are some simple precautions done to prevent bad marker reading if its too scaled up or down, but it wasn’t fully tested on all possible devices so use the visual method with caution.

API docs

You can access the API docs online at http://flashywrappers.com/asdoc/  (or through the standard menu on the main website). This is automatically generated and it will be updated on each new release.

The API docs will hopefully fill in the blanks into the PDF docs, which are more explanatory and short examples but do not cover 100% of the API.

Full changelog:

FlashyWrappers 2.5
- All platforms: addSoundtrack now generates a warning when used in realtime mode. Using this method in realtime WILL cause desync. For any realtime & synced audio you should use FWSoundMixer. - DONE
- All platforms: setRealtime method added to avoid the need to set it in the start method.
- All platforms: The comments in AS3 wrapper were rewritten to be compatible with automatic documentation system & API docs added.
- All platforms: Added checks for dimensions being a multiply of 16, warning will be generated if it is not.
- All platforms: Added checks for valid H.264 resolutions, error will be thrown if the resolution is wrong.
- All platforms: Added checks for valid AAC bitrates, error will be thrown if the bitrate is wrong.
- Mac: Added OS X 64-bit ANE version for AIR 20+. The 32-bit ANE will be still kept in this release, for compatibility reasons, but beginning next release it won't be.
- Windows: Fixed a crash caused by addSoundtrack on Windows 7.
- Windows: Code was completely refactored.
- iOS: Fixed recording capturing black screen only on iOS (this was happening on random devices) with depthAndStencil and high resolution both enabled.
- Android: setDimensions now forces video resolution in relatime mode, exactly like on iOS. 
- iOS / Android: The "default" library was erased from iOS. For testing on desktop simply use FW for desktop.
- iOS / Android: Added setCaptureRectangle for mobile to capture rectangular area in two modes (visual and calculation method). See API docs for more details.

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